Rent Collection Policy

Rent Collection Policy:

Dwelling rent is due and payable for all Housing Authority tenants on or before the first day of each month .It is the responsibility of the public Housing Manager to process and send rent statements to the tenants no later than the 25th day of the month preceding the month the rent is due.

The rent statement shall include itemized monthly rent charges, prior month late payment charges, assessed legal fees, maintenance charges, and any other charges applicable to the tenant.

The tenant must make total payment of the charges appearing on the rent statement by the first of each month in order to have an account considered current.

A payment grace period of up to and including the (5) fifth day of each month is allowed for all Housing Authority tenants. If for any reason the tenant’s payment of rent and other charges will be delayed beyond the first day of the month, the tenant must contact the Housing Authority’s Public Housing Manager to explain the circumstances which delay their full payment will be made must be agreed upon at this time.

The Housing Authority shall impose a $10.00 late fee for rent payments made after the fifth day of the month, unless prior late payments arrangements have been made with and approved by the Housing Authority’s Public Housing Manager.