Schedule of Maintenance Charge

Lock Outs:

Daily (Mon-Fri/ 7:30 am – 4:30 pm) $0.00
Nightly, Weekends & Holidays $25.00

Key Replacement: – Lost/Stolen

Apartment Door Key $10.00
Entry Door Fob $10.00
Mailbox Keys $10.00
Kukla Gate Remote Control $15.00

Miscellaneous Charges

Smoke Detector – Missing/Damaged

Smoke Detector Batteries


No Charge

Light Bulb**

Heat Lamp Bulb



Ceiling Lamp – Missing/Damaged $40.00
Light Covers – Missing/Damaged $10.00 – $25.00
Globes – Missing/Damaged $8.00
Mirrors (Set) $18.00
Mirror Knobs $4.00
Toilet Seat $15.00
Stopped-Up Drains/Toilets LABOR*  Labor
Bi-Fold Door Knobs $4.00
Bi-Fold Door Pins $2.00
Bi-Fold Door Rods $10.00
Blinds/Windows – Damaged Slats $3.00ea
Blinds/Patio/Windows – Damaged $40.00
Window Screen Repair $25.00
Window Frame Damaged $40.00
Patio Screen Repair $40.00
Large Item Disposal- Furniture and/ or Mattress $50.00ea
Drip Pans – Small $9.00
Drip Pans – Large $12.00
Outlets/Plates – Damaged $1.00
Drawer/Cabinet Damaged  Parts+Labor*
Wall/Door Damage  Materials+Labor*
Damage To Carpet $700.00 – $900.00
Large Item Trash Disposal (Furniture and/or Mattresses) $50.00 ea.

*Labor Charges $17.00 Hourly (1/2 Hour Min. Charge)
**No Charge For Long Fluorescent Bulbs At Thompson Manor

Items that are repaired and/or replaced along with maintenance labor charges are billed on the following month’s rent statement and must be paid in full no later than the 1st of the month with that month’s rent.

All tenant damaged items are billed according to the current material replacement cost and the current maintenance labor cost.

Work Order Lockout Policy

North Chicago Housing Authority